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Application to Person – A2P SMS Market Valued at £45B by 2020

Application to Person - A2P SMS Market Valued at £45B by 2020

The Internet opened up mass communication in ways no one ever imagined it could. Over the next decade, usage is predicted to skyrocket as even more people come online. But there’s also another trend leveraging today’s communication technology: Communicating with just one person via applications. According to Transparency Market Research, the A2P SMS market will be worth over £45B in just a few years.

For many of us, it seems like a message sent just for us is a rare thing. Our inboxes are filled with adverts, spam, and social notifications. But text messaging is still considered a personal form of communication. To maximise your benefits from using SMS messaging you must therefore make the messages you send personal not part of some mass mailing.

That’s why many companies are investing in creating applications that integrate SMS messaging – hence Application-to-Person or A2P SMS. Or more often, integrating SMS messaging into existing applications. This allows them to directly communicate with their customers, members, and employees – whatever their community is – in a very personal way.

That’s because these applications usually have access to databases with personal information. Companies can go way beyond just including a first name. The messages can be related to recent purchases, bank account balances or deposits, life events, or health issues. So your A2P SMS messaging can be really and genuinely personal and that’s why it will serve your customers well.

And the possibilities go way beyond just marketing. You can use A2P SMS to create a genuine relationship with a single person on your list. Even if the messaging is only one way the contents of the message can convey a sense of how important the recipient is to your company.

For example, one easy and thoughtful message to send would be birthday wishes. You can choose to send a special offer with the message or not, but just sending the message will help the recipient feel like you care. Another similar message is when someone changes their marital status in your database. Congratulate them on their happy day and wish them many more. It may sound a bit corny, but people do respond to these types of messages as long as they are in reasonable amounts.

And it’s this connection you can make with one person out of many that is driving the A2P SMS market to new highs in the coming years. If you want to leverage SMS messaging with your application, we have different solutions to do just that. Grab us on chat, email or phone and we’d love to answer your questions about how to get started.

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