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5 Ideas for Your Easter SMS Marketing Campaign

5 Ideas for Your Easter SMS Marketing Campaign

You may not have even realised it yet, but Easter is just weeks away, and with it comes a unique opportunity to add some seasonal fun to your marketing mix and demonstrate that your brand has a human side to it – and SMS Marketing is the perfect channel through which to do so. No matter what the profile of your business, there are many opportunities that can be used or adapted to capture the interest of new or existing customers and help your brand stand out. Here are 5 ideas to get you thinking.

1. Create an Easter event

Events are always popular among customers and Easter is a great opportunity to get creative. If you are a venue such as an outdoor activity centre, country house, garden centre or similar which is able to cater for outdoor activities, then the traditional Easter egg hunt is always a great way to create a buzz in your marketing. If you run a fitness related business, why not add get really creative and turn the traditional egg hunt into something more sporting.

On the other hand, businesses such as retailers, both bricks and mortar, and their online counterparts may find that a sale or product sampling event is the perfect event to arrange.

Whatever event you come up with, be sure to use SMS Marketing not just to let your customers know all about it with details such as dates, times and descriptions but also consider using SMS for other aspects including vouchers, booking confirmations and e-tickets.

2. Event Sponsorship

Sometimes the nature of your business simply doesn’t lend itself to running an Easter event, or maybe you simply don’t have the time or resources. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s game over for this idea though – why not join forces with another company’s event as a sponsor, guest exhibitor or associated trader.

If a local stately home is running an Easter egg hunt, for example, you could offer to donate prizes or add funds to help with the costs of organising in return for your brand being credited as a sponsor. If you offer a product or service that is directly connected, it may even be possible for you to have a stand to showcase your brand to relevant audiences.

If you are selling life insurance for families, for example, then a family event could be the ideal place to reach out and connect with potential customers. To maximise exposure, share the news or your activities and whereabouts with your customer list by SMS.

3. Sales / Promotions

As we’ve already mentioned, Easter is a great time of year to entice customers with a seasonal sale for your products or services. Whether you want to encourage customers to step into your shop or simply to spend online, sending sales updates and voucher codes via SMS Marketing is a great way to increase sales and conversions and a remarkably low price. Keep the messages personal and use timebound power phrases for best results. Have a look at our article on the most effective power words to use in SMS Marketing for more ideas to help increase conversion.

4. SMS Competitions

Everybody dreams of being a winner – which means that competitions are a sure fire way to catch the interest of your customers and increase engagement. Just as with our other examples, SMS Marketing is a perfect channel to use for an Easter competition. It is easy to set up a ‘text-to-win’ campaign and entry can be made even easier by using a Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) to facilitate direct replies.

If you want to take the SMS competition a step further, consider using a shortcode that allows you to integrate the SMS competition with all your other online and offline marketing around Easter. A print media advert or television spot might feature some powerful creative along with a message such as:

“Win the ultimate weekend escape for two with Dream Holidays Ltd. Text ESCAPE to 87007 now for your chance to win.”

5. Easter Gifts

Easter is a time when we typically share gifts with those who mean the most to us – traditionally in the form of chocolate. There’s no reason you can’t embrace this tradition of giving to reward your most loyal customers – and SMS Marketing allows you to do just that. Why not send a discount voucher by SMS to thank customers for their loyalty, or even a code for a free gift if they spend with you during the Easter period. No matter what kind of business you run, there is almost always something that can work.

Here at Fastsms, we are an award-winning provider of bulk business SMS Marketing packages. To learn more about getting your business started in SMS Marketing now, give our team a call on 0800 954 5305 and one of our friendly experts will be happy to help.

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