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Social media describes a wide range of well known and not so well known services that make it easy for individuals to communicate from computers and mobile devices with other like minded friends and acquaintances. Most common are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+; less well known but still massive are Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest and more. Additionally there are thousands more services with either a local or specialist focus.

Sharing images, web pages, videos and tunes is very common over social media and this often results in unexpected popularity for amateur produced content that would not be exposed to a mass market otherwise. SMS can also be used to share content and this is where the worlds of SMS and social cross over.

Is your social media struggling? Read this article to learn how businesses of every shape and size can use SMS messaging to drive social media engagement and generate revenue from increased brand exposure. Whether the goal is to support a one-off sales campaign or a long term drive to increase reach, SMS messaging offers an unparalleled opportunity to make your brand's voice heard in the increasingly noisy social media space.


What do oddly flavoured crisps and SMS messaging have in common?  The US version of Walkers brand crisps ran a massive marketing campaign to promote three flavours released for a limited time. Find out how it worked and why SMS played a key role in the process.


A few weeks ago, Facebook executive Mendelsohn stated that in five years she expects the social network “will probably be all video”. Nicola Mendelsohn is the vice president of European, Middle Eastern and African operations for the company. She has an extensive resume going all the way back to 1992. There’s no denying she likely knows what she’s talking about. But while you can’t deny the impact of video on Facebook and the Internet in general, is her prediction implying the actual death of text?


Facebook is a popular place. According to Statista, they had 1.44 billion active users in the first quarter of 2015. It’s no wonder then that businesses are flocking to advertise there. But big isn’t always better. SMS marketing is similar in many respects to Facebook advertising, and for some uses it is actually better. Let me explain and see if you agree.


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