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5 Great Easter Marketing Campaigns to Inspire Your SMS Marketing

5 Great Easter Marketing Campaigns to Inspire Your SMS Marketing

Every Easter sees fierce competition in the marketing arena as brands and retailers seek to maximise their profits and increase market share in this key season. Of course, two of the most important sectors are food and confectionary, so it is no surprise that they feature prominently in any list of the most popular Easter marketing campaigns – but they are not the only ones to appear. So which brands have come up with the most appealing, amusing and memorable advertising campaigns for Easter and what can we take away from them to improve our SMS Marketing efforts? Here goes.

1. Lindt Gold Bunny

For television viewers, one of the signs that Easter is just around the corner is that little tinkle of the bell worn by a magical golden bunny – yes, we’re talking about that iconic Lindt Golden Bunny, a famous icon of Easter created by the Master Swiss Chocolatier that comes to life every year in what is always a piece of advertising brilliance. Year in, year out, it is hard to resist the urge to go straight to the nearest supermarket to get your hands on one of these little creatures – regardless of your age! Despite being generally aimed at the child audience, the beautiful adverts with their brilliant storytelling are just as captivating for adults.

So how can you recreate the magic of Lindt in your SMS Marketing campaign? Firstly, be sure to make use of evocative and captivating language that appeals to the senses, and secondly, explore ways to create a little mystery – for example, why not experiment with a campaign that reveals clues over the course of a few text messages to build some suspense, before a final reveal.

2. Cadbury and National Trust Egg Campaign

One advert that got widespread attention for all the wrong reasons last year was the Cadbury and National Trust Egg Hunt campaign. The campaign drew widespread attention not just from the public but also politicians, religious leaders and other public figures after it apparently omitted to make reference to Easter.

Although Cadbury quickly pointed out that this was unintentional and that the word ‘Easter’ appeared across the vast majority of their seasonal product range, the damage had been done, leaving a huge PR mission in its wake.

If you are planning an Easter SMS campaign, be sensitive to your audience. As well as respecting customers who may deeply care about Easter, you should also be sensitive to those who may not celebrate the occasion. Ensuring you know as much as possible about your audience is the best way to build an effective campaign that gets the right response.

3. The Carlsberg ‘Chocolate Bar’

Most of us associate the phrase ‘chocolate bar’ with confectionary. But the marketing geniuses at Carlsberg, who are famous for creating exceptional and often highly amusing advertising campaigns, couldn’t resist the chance to go for a bit of seasonal wordplay. The result – what would happen if Carlsberg created a chocolate bar. Literally, a bar made of chocolate, from the walls and bar itself to the beer mats and glasses. To make the most of the campaign, it was not just a film set either – half a ton of chocolate was used to convert the Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch, with a real, working Carlsberg pump taking centre stage.

If you are looking for inspiration for your Easter SMS Marketing campaign, then this is a great example of thinking outside of the box and showcasing your brand’s values and culture in a unique way. Think about how you can convey your brand image through SMS. Maybe there is some great fun to be had with wordplay…

4. Marks & Spencer Food

When it comes to food, there is one brand which stands out whenever it is the holiday season, be it Christmas or Easter – M&S. Their latest offering presents a truly mouthwatering showcase of some of their fine family foods. In just twenty seconds, the advert manages to capture everything that matters about the great institution that is the Easter roast.

For anybody planning an Easter SMS Marketing campaign, this is another great example of how to choose just the right words to make your product or service truly irresistible.

5. Lidl – Spring Spotters

Last but not least in our list of top Easter adverts is Lidl’s 2018 ‘Spring Spotters’ campaign, which offers an original and refreshing take on the traditional adverts you might expect to see from a large supermarket chain. Egg hatching and Lamb Cam provide are among the ‘features’ in this mock television show, which brilliantly incorporates the sales message in an advert that actually leaves you wanting to watch it again.

If there is one take away from this campaign that can be applied to your Easter SMS Marketing, it is not to be afraid to take a new approach. Think about ways you could frame your product or offer in an alternative context to add impact to your campaign. You’ll be limited to what you can get away with in words alone, but with 459 characters available to play with, you’d be surprised at what is possible.

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