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Email to SMS is particularly useful in two distinct scenarios. Firstly it is ideal for use in legacy software applications where it would be difficult to add SMS messaging capabilities either because the software won’t permit it or the development resource is not available. In which case, provided the software has the ability to send emails these can be converted via email-to-sms from an email to a text message. Secondly, in some organisations, workers are not given access to the internet via browsers so cannot access our browser-based platform NetMessenger. Instead they can use their email client to formulate, send and receive SMS text messages.

Email to SMS is easy to set up, is secure and offers many advanced features. As well as sending text messages, inbound SMS can be made available through use of a Virtual Mobile Number associated with the email account.

The mobile phone is an incredibly powerful device, we can now complete many of our daily tasks from it, whilst it also keeping us entertained throughout our day. It never leaves our side and goes everywhere with us, we are completely in love with our mobile phones. This love affair with our mobile phone makes it an incredibly powerful device for businesses. Customers want to communicate through their mobile phone as it’s quick, easy and convenient for them, and the businesses and brands that are giving customers exactly what they want by communicating with them through their mobile phone, are seeing huge rewards. Bigger response rates, less missed appointments and more sales. However, having a big work force of sales people or customer support technicians operating and communicating with their customers through SMS on a one to one level, can be slightly tricky. Another platform for them to login into and get...

One of the key takeaways from the Salesforce 2015 State of Marketing Report was that when mobile is integrated into your marketing strategy, everything performed better. That makes sense when you think about it. Mobile is a unique channel that provides you a direct link to your customers.