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Email to SMS – a real winner for businesses and customers

The mobile phone is an incredibly powerful device, we can now complete many of our daily tasks from it, whilst it also keeping us entertained throughout our day. It never leaves our side and goes everywhere with us, we are completely in love with our mobile phones.

This love affair with our mobile phone makes it an incredibly powerful device for businesses. Customers want to communicate through their mobile phone as it’s quick, easy and convenient for them, and the businesses and brands that are giving customers exactly what they want by communicating with them through their mobile phone, are seeing huge rewards. Bigger response rates, less missed appointments and more sales.

However, having a big work force of sales people or customer support technicians operating and communicating with their customers through SMS on a one to one level, can be slightly tricky. Another platform for them to login into and get familiar with etc. They don’t need all the bells and whistles that comes with SMS marketing, they just want easy to use conversational communication with their customers.

This is exactly why email to SMS is hugely popular, as it is perfect for these situations. It allows business staff to send text messages through their own email platform whenever and where ever they are. All the familiarity of email, but with the amazing response and convenience of text messages. 

Email to SMS

So just like an email conversation for your staff, but like a text message experience for your customers. Our amazing and intelligent system will, turn your emails into a text message and deliver to your customers phone, then take their text message response, and turn it back into an email and deliver back to their email inbox.

There are lots of great ways businesses are putting our Email to SMS service to great use, some typical uses are… 

Appointment, interview and booking reminders
Missed appointments cost businesses billions every single year. It’s incredibly frustrating for businesses, but also annoying for genuine customers who just forget about their appointments. Email to SMS is an incredibly easy way for businesses to drop their customers a handy and useful text message reminding them about their appointment, interview date and time, or their booking.

Customer service
When it comes to service, customers want it be personal, feel special and quick, easy and convenient for them. Which is exactly what SMS marketing can deliver. Let your customer service technicians communicate quickly and effectively with their customers through conversational SMS.

Delivery notifications 
Keeping your customers in the loop about their products or services you provide is giving your customers a great customer experience. Giving them what they want and more, giving your business trust and a great reputation.

If you like to know more about Email to SMS and how it works, take a look out our product page here. Or sign up for your free account and speak to one of our mobile marketing experts today!