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Gluten free, vegan, paleo and organic products have all surged in popularity over 2017, and it is reported by the Soil Association that the organic market alone is now worth over £2 billion to the British economy. For retailers and health food outlets, there has never been a better time to be in business - and SMS Marketing could help you to ride the wave and maximise revenues in 2018. So how can health food businesses make the most of the channel? Here are some easy to implement ideas.

With little over five weeks left until Christmas, the festive party season is about to begin. As soon as December is upon us, restaurants all over the UK will be opening their doors for what they hope will be their busiest period of the year. Whether your customers are looking to advance book for a family meal, meet up with friends or simply eat out for a refreshing change, SMS Marketing is without a doubt a powerful tool to make sure that your business can celebrate a full house this festive season.

The UK’s thriving eating-out market is worth over £40 Billion and all the evidence indicates this is only set to increase. There has, however, been a huge shift in the way customers interact with eateries. SMS Marketing is an excellent way for restaurants to reach both new and existing customers to keep people coming through the door and filling tables. Read this article to learn how restaurants can use SMS Marketing to their advantage and stay profitable in an ever more challenging climate.

With more and more people than ever before eating out and sampling food from around the world in eateries up and down the country, the restaurant sector is booming. But if you're operating a small business in the hospitality sector, you need to make sure that you keep your premises as full and thriving as possible in order to pay your bills and keep the enterprise sustainable. That's where SMS messaging comes in. In this blog post, we will look at ways you can use SMS messaging to make your business processes more efficient, boost your customer numbers and become the most popular place in town.