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Proof SMS Messaging Gets Results: Business Growth

explains how sms messaging can create growth

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen how SMS messaging gets results. Those results are measured from different perspectives, like sales, list growth, conversion rates, ROI, traffic and customer service.

I think I’ve saved the best for last though. This final installation of the series is how SMS helps businesses grow. What I mean is the overall results companies see, no matter how you measure them, means they end up needing more employees or more space to handle the demand.

Not convinced a simple thing like SMS messaging could have such a profound effect? That’s ok. Just keep reading to see the examples, and the proof, that SMS messaging does indeed help businesses grow.

Transformative Growth

This next example is one of my favourites. A small travel company used paid advertising and email marketing for most of their business. But they decided to give SMS messaging a try.

In the year that followed that first test, they’ve almost entirely shifted their marketing budget to SMS.


Because the response they received from their SMS campaigns was so overwhelming they actually needed to hire more travel agents to handle the load. Each week they get over 100 enquires from well-qualified leads from their campaigns. With so many new customers, they grew their team from 5 to 15 agents.

In addition, they improved their sales turnover between 30-50%, depending on the market. The company representative called using SMS “transformative”. I’d say I have to agree.

Basement to Big Business

My second example is possibly even more dramatic. It involves a unique guitar company, Bohemian Guitars, that literally started in a basement. Two brothers created the company after being inspired by South African musicians who use everyday objects as musical instruments.

They build their guitars out of recycled materials and launched with a Kickstarter campaign. At some point in their journey, they noticed that most of the sales from their website came from mobile devices. Then, they had a brilliant idea. They decided to add the ability to text them directly from the website.

This allowed customers to get their questions answered immediately, right from the mobile they were using to shop. According to the brothers, this addition increased the number of sales they had by 98% in the first five months they used the system.

These additional sales helped propel them to higher levels and they have since lined up full manufacturing deals to meet the demand for their product. Now, they are working to improve their designs and manufacturing processes for the next generation of their products.

Looking back at this Results series, it isn’t hard to imagine other examples of companies growing their business based on the results of their SMS messaging. After all, 6,600% ROI, 32% increase in sales, 30% increase in conversions, and a 93% increase in web traffic must be an indication those companies were growing (if you don’t recognise those numbers, you can find them in the other posts in the series. You can start from the beginning by clicking here).

If, after the eight posts in this series, you still have questions on whether SMS messaging can help your business or organisation, please take a moment to grab us on live chat. We can address any of your questions or concerns and help you get started on the path to growing your business too.

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