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SMS Marketing Techniques for Copywriting Agencies

SMS Marketing for Copywriting Agencies

SMS Marketing is a low cost and powerful marketing tool for reaching and engaging with consumers, as well as offering tremendous added value to companies operating in the B2B sector. With no need for extensive knowledge and experience, SMS messaging can work well for any business and copywriting agencies are no exception. SMS Marketing is highly attractive not just because of its exceptional open and response rates, but also the low costs, high ROI and ease of use. If you are looking to build your market penetration and reputation for customer service as a copywriting agency, look no further than SMS Marketing.

So how can copywriting agencies improve their offering with SMS? Here are some suggestions.

Your project is complete

In the retail sector, where delivery to store has become a hugely popular way of supplying goods to a chosen pick-up point by a pre-agreed time and date, SMS messaging has long been the method of choice for notifications. In terms of practicality and popularity, it has largely replaced the traditional email approach that was popular for so long. One of the main reasons for this change is that with an ever more mobile population who have less and less time to sort through their inboxes, a more effective communication channel needed to be used. With the average UK adult having their phone on or near their person almost 24 hours a day and typically responding to a message within just three minutes, it made perfect sense to switch to SMS.

In terms of copywriting jobs, there is no reason that what works for consumers in the retail space can’t be just as effective as a means of communicating with your clients. For a client who is waiting on an urgent assignment or has multiple deadlines to negotiate, being made aware by SMS is likely to be highly attractive. A job completion notification delivered by SMS is likely to be perceived as value adding to the customer, helping to solve a real problem and enhancing the customer service experience along the way. Ultimately, SMS Marketing could well help you to stand out from the competition and firmly establish yours as the brand of choice.

Loyalty rewards

Whether you are ultimately dealing with B2C or B2B customers, when it comes to loyalty there is one simple rule – loyalty is reciprocal and should be rewarded. A loyal customer is likely to feel they deserve to be treated as if they- and their custom- matters. SMS messaging is a great way to make sure that such important customers get exactly the right message.

An example of such a message might read:

“Dear Ms Evans, as a special thank you for your loyalty, we’d like to offer you 15% off your next order. Just use coupon code COPY15 online at your amazingcopy.com checkout to take advantage of this offer.”

It is worth bearing in mind that according to research, SMS coupon codes have exceptional redemption rates – as many as eight times greater than their email counterparts by some estimations. This means that the likelihood of converting is considerably higher than an identical offer sent out by email. Higher conversion means greater ROI, making SMS a clear winner.

Special pricing

When it comes to pricing, many copywriting agencies work on a volume basis. This means that the greater the amount of work a client contracts, the lower the price – especially if the client uses the service regularly and has a reputation for settling their account promptly. It makes perfect sense to make sure that customers are aware that they qualify for discounted pricing and SMS is an ideal way to do so.

A simple example might look like this:

“Dear Mr Charles, as a regular and valued customer, we are pleased to inform you that you have now qualified for a special rate of £xx per xx words…”

Such an approach is also a great way to upsell additional work through a technique such as:

“As a thank you for your continued custom, order today and we’ll give you an extra 5% off in addition to your customised rate.”

It may seem counter-intuitive to offer such a time-limited promotion in an area that is highly dependant on the customer having a project ready, but by nature, companies who use copywriting services almost always have a constant supply of work needing professional attention. Lower costs equal greater margins, meaning that clients may even bring forward briefs in order to take advantage of the offer and increase profits, especially where they are charging back to their own downstream clients.

Touching base

It is said that the cost of sale for an existing customer or client is far less than the cost of acquiring new clients. There is also another rule of thumb which states repeat customers are likely to place higher value orders and therefore make a more significant contribution to your profits. So why does this matter? If a customer hasn’t placed an order for a while, why not reach out to them with a friendly and personalised SMS message?

“Hi Mr Smith, we’ve missed you recently. Here’s a special welcome back offer just for you…”

The beauty of offering order discounts by SMS is that unless a customer chooses to make a purchase, the value of the offer is not tangible – therefore it only costs you as much as sending the SMS, which can be as little as 2.1 pence with our bundles here at Fastsms.

If your business manages customers through a CRM platform, we also offer a complete integration option via our powerful API that is supported by all the leading platforms.

The above are just a few illustrative examples of how copywriting agencies can benefit from SMS Marketing. With careful planning, it is relatively easy to come up with a full SMS Marketing strategy that will help to develop your brand and increase profits at a minimal cost. The question is not whether your agency can afford to use SMS Marketing, but rather whether you can afford not to.

Here at Fastsms, our award-winning customer services team is always on hand to answer y0ur questions and provide the support you need to help make SMS Marketing work for you. To speak to one of our experts today, call us on 0800 954 5305. Alternatively, send us an email or simply use our online chat for a swift response.

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