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The Super Amazing Speed of SMS Marketing

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One of the greatest advantages of SMS marketing is how fast it is. You might be thinking I’m talking about the almost instantaneous delivery rates, or how quick it is to write a message and send it to your entire list. But that is not the only element of SMS marketing that is fast. There is also the speed that it brings positive results.

Those are all very real aspects of using an SMS web based service. But often retailers are looking to get people’s attention and make the sales during a specific season. And you have a limited amount of time before the rush is over.

You probably already have all your advertising in place, based on what you expected to sell. Then a few weeks into the season you realise you have way too many A-type widgets. You discount them by 50%, but you still have piles left a few days before Christmas. No time to change your existing advertising as they went to print weeks ago. You can update the website, but how will you let people know about the new sale? And even if you do, is it even possible to convert sales quickly enough?

Take heart. SMS marketing can be that fast.

As an example, I’m going to share an experience one of our clients had when they were looking to push a short term sale.

The car dealership had a selection of new cars they were promoting. They created a short term offer, but needed to let people know about it. They already had an existing list of customers and needed a way to let them know about the sale quickly.

On a Friday night they sent a text message to those customers letting them know they had some new cars with a very special limited time offer. By Sunday afternoon they had sold five of the cars. That is pretty amazing. But it gets better.

Over the course of four days, from Saturday morning to Tuesday afternoon, they sold a total of 9 cars. All of the sales were a direct result of the SMS message they had sent about their special offer.

What I find most amazing about this isn’t how fast it worked, but that it worked so fast for a high ticket item like a car. It’s proof of how effective SMS marketing really is. And that is without looking at the financial angle. The 1000 SMS credits they used to send the messages cost them just £35. Compare that to the profit on nine cars! Let’s guess at £1000 per car (probably a bit low) and you see they turned £35 into £9000 in five days. That is fast!

Whether you’re marketing toys, clothes, electronics, or travel get-aways, using SMS marketing to let your list know about your offers may just result in the fastest sale you’ve ever had. For more ideas why not download our free Mobile Marketing Guide.

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