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There’s still time to create an SMS campaign for Black Friday

retail uses of sms marketing

Tomorrow is Black Friday.  This day of shopping frenzy was imported from the US just a few years ago, but experts predict UK consumers will eagerly spend £200m on Black Friday. That’s twice what was spent last year.

In an article in The Guardian, Johnathan Reynolds, director of the Oxford Institute of Retail Management, commented that Black Friday is a “buyer’s market” and retailers need to do everything they can to be competitive. A great way to get out ahead of the competition is with an SMS campaign.

But what if you have never used SMS or created a campaign before? Don’t worry. True, it’s last minute, but retailers can still get their SMS campaign rolling for tomorrow.

Fastsms accounts can be set up in just a few minutes. The account is free with no setup charges. And once your account is created you receive 10 credits you can use for testing. Testing is as simple as sending a message or two to your staff to see how easy it is to do. The system works much like an email application so the learning curve is fast. You can be up, running and tested in under 15 minutes. It’ll take a little longer to learn all the features, but you’ll have the basics down in that time.

If you’ve got a customer list that includes name and mobile number you can import it directly into our web based SMS service called NetMessenger. You can also automatically assign customers to groups to make segmenting your messages easier. But you don’t have to do that if you don’t want or need to. Or if you use Outlook for managing your contacts, you can get started without having to import your contacts by using our Outlook Mobile Service.

After testing, you’ll be convinced you can actually create and send messages easily. Next, you’ll want to purchase the credits you’ll need to send messages to your customers. You’ll find SMS is one of the most affordable, effective direct marketing methods. For 1,000 fastsms credits the cost is just £35. And the more credits you buy, the less it costs per credit. And yes, in the UK, one credit equals one 160 character message.

Now that you know the amazing value of our SMS messaging service, you need to send out messages to get your sale noticed on Black Friday. Here are some ideas on what to send: A coupon code redeemable in store, special sale details (“20% off everything!”), or a door buster sale during certain hours early Friday morning to let them know you’ll be opening early. You can send the messages out on Thursday afternoon or evening when people are planning their shopping, or even early on Friday (but not too early) so people get the message while they are out shopping.

You’ve got the rest of the day today to (1) get your account setup, (2) your list imported, (3) purchase your credits, (4) to write and (5) send your message. Just five steps to better sales to kick off the holiday shopping season. What are you waiting for? Get your account setup now.

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