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9 SMS Marketing Power Words

9 Essential Keywords for SMS Marketing

With its 456 character limit, SMS Marketing challenges us to be succinct, ensuring we pack the most into our punch and deliver powerful and effective calls to action in a minimum of words. With some research and planning, it is still possible to craft great messages that get results and still stay well within the limits. Here are 9 power words and phrases to help to you do just that.

1. You

It’s all about YOU – this is the key message that should be contained within any text message, be it business or personal. SMS Marketing takes advantage of a deeply personal channel and this must be embraced in the style of communication. Generic, mass mail outs may be fine for emails (although even there should generally be avoided), but for SMS messages, be personal. Make sure that the recipient knows straight away that the message was intended for them, and them alone. With this in mind, make sure you also tone the message to suit the profile of your audience.

2. Amazing

Evidence shows that despite the adage ‘too good to be true’, customers respond exceptionally well to marketing messages that contain the word ‘amazing’. Whilst most power words are direct action verbs, this is an exception to the rule. It seems that as humans, we are intrigued by the word, which immediately creates an urge to find out more. Of course, make sure that the offer, product or service that the message relates to is indeed amazing to ensure that the message converts.

3. Save

There are few things that appeal to the human instinct in the modern world more than the chance to save money. The word save is one of the most powerful words that can be used to showcase monetary savings. It is not just limited to this either – people are also always on the lookout for ways to save time, so be sure not to overlook the wider potential of this useful little word.

4. Act Now

One of the most effective ways to entice customers to respond to your offers is to instil a sense of urgency – and the words ‘Act Now’ achieve just that. Nobody wants to feel that they missed out, and by stating that the offer is time bound you appeal directly to that emotion. Customers are proven to respond more to messages that include a direct, time-bound call to action – meaning it will help to get the best possible click through rates for your campaign.

5. New

Simple as it may seem, this innocuous little word is one of the all-time most powerful words in marketing. Nobody likes old news, so make sure you entice the customer by letting them know that the information you are sending them is hot off the press. Combine this word with others in the list to craft the ultimate message. Also consider letting your SMS Marketing subscribers receive information about new products, services and offers before anybody else. The sense of exclusivity will make them feel special and is known to increase conversions.

6. Because

Again, best used when reinforced with the word ‘You’. “Because you matter” is the message that is being conveyed with these words when used together – demonstrating that the recipient is valued as a customer. You could simply leave it at that, or you might want to elaborate and state why the customer matters – “Because you are a loyal customer..” for example. In this situation, the customer will feel a little sense of importance, which can count for a lot in the world of commerce.

Alternatively, think about other ways to use because – for example, seasonal promotions. For best results, combine it with a solution to a problem. “Because Christmas shopping is stressful..” is one such example of how it might be used in this way. The customer’s curiosity will be awakened, making them sure to read the rest of the message.

7. Guaranteed

This is another time-tested power word that is – wait for it – guaranteed to get the right response. You see, even in this example, the power of the word is demonstrated. When it comes to selling,  a customer’s decision making is usually dictated by their attitude to towards risk. Using the word ‘guaranteed’ tells the customer they have nothing to lose and implies that they, therefore, have everything to gain. It is one of those irresistible words that make people feel that they just have to act.

8. More

Everybody wants more bang for the buck. Do you offer more than your competitors? Whether it is more quality, more value, more choice, more results or anything else – if you offer more, shout about it! Customers are forever looking for the best deals, and if they know you offer more, they are more likely to show an interest. Combine this with other power words for even greater effect – for example, you might send a message containing the phrase “Act now for even more savings…” Note here the use of the phrase ‘even more’, suggesting that the customer is entitled to a special privilege, a proven psychological method that appeals to our desire to feel special.

9. Free

We all like to get something for nothing right? In practice this is rarely the case – there is almost always a buy in. “Free gym bag when you sign up for a 12-month contract today”, “Free drinks when you spend £30 or more on a meal for two” – these are just two common examples of highly effective promotions offering something for free to incentivise the customer to buy. Even though the reality is that the ‘free’ product is of far less value to the customer than the value of their purchase to the seller, it is a tried and tested approach that has been used to huge effect by some of the biggest players in the marketplace.

To make a ‘free’ offer as effective as possible, ensure that there is a direct relationship to the product of service on offer, and ideally promote something complimentary that will enhance the purchase. In the example of a gym bag, the free item saves the customer time and money by eliminating the need for them to shop around for a gym bag before they start working out. Free drinks, as seen in the second example, are a natural complementary offer in a dining environment.

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