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Using SMS for Absenteeism & Truancy Reporting

Using SMS for Absenteeism & Truancy Reporting

Educational institutions of all types can benefit from reporting on absentees, whether to parents of schoolchildren or sponsors of those in higher learning. Automated text messages can be sent to those not present at registration, parents can then respond acknowledging it as either authorised or not.

While there are a few instances where general businesses may benefit from such a use of SMS text messaging (for example, confirmation that an employee away on a course or at a conference has attended all the seminars that they were instructed to) it is predominantly aimed at Schools, FE Colleges and Universities. However it is by no means the only use of SMS within educational institutions…


Communication within schools is more important than ever, as is being able to cut costs in order to get the most out of the available budget. We have worked with schools all over the U.K. and have seen some great results, with reports of phone bills alone being reduced by 40%.

Communicate with Parents / Sponsors

Often the ability to get a message to a parent quickly can make all the difference. By collecting parents mobile phone numbers you can communicate important information to them instantly.

It could be information specific to their child, such as notification of illness, detention or even attainment. You could also have groups set up for parents of children in particular clubs or teams, informing them of upcoming matches, training or performances and even cancellations.

SMS has also been used to great effect replacing traditional phone chains, by texting all parents whose children are on a school trip instantly for just a few pence.

Equally text messages are the ideal way to inform parents en masse of severe weather closures.

Communicate with Staff

SMS can be a great way to communicate with your staff too. You can send bulletins and reminders to everyone as well as coordinate your non-teaching staff around the school grounds. If you organise your own supply staff you can even message them all simultaneously and immediately to check their availability.

Communicate with Students

Although in many cases mobile phones are banned in schools, more and more institutions are realising they cannot be policed and are choosing to use them to their advantage. You could use them to send reminders to students about clubs and societies as well as reminders about tests, exams or coursework.

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