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Schools and colleges and other education professionals are making increased use of SMS messaging to meet a wide range of requirements.

Schools use SMS widely to announce events, combat truancy, warn parents of snow closures, notify parents of detentions, sports matches, rehearsals and more. Colleges and schools text out links to their websites, prospectuses and blogs.

Children with specific difficulties are receiving extra learning help by text to help them plan and complete homework on time. Because the mobile phone is so universal and SMS messaging cheap and easy to use, more and more applications will emerge to help staff and students alike.

With language skills now under the spotlight more than ever, the pressure is on for Britain's private language schools to up their game. SMS Marketing is a low cost, versatile and easy to use tool that is ideally suited to the various needs of a private language school, not just for direct marketing but also for improving communication, attendance and student satisfaction. If you haven't tried it yet, here's why you should.

The digital age has seen a rise in demand for business coaches to aid you in every aspect of your entrepreneurial efforts. From money mindset to technological solutions, earning passive income and attracting high-paying clients, these days there's a coach for everything. But running a coaching business isn't as simple as the hype would suggest. SMS marketing is the perfect way of supercharging your promotion of your coaching business, here's how.


Schools up and down the country are working tirelessly to increase the opportunities available to young people. But, with budgets being cut, these are tough times for many education providers. One of the biggest challenges facing head teachers, class teachers, and office staff is how to find cost-effective means of effectively communicating with the parents and carers of their pupils. That's where SMS text messaging comes in.


The summer holidays are almost upon us and if you are running a summer kids club while school’s out, now is the time to be making sure parents know what’s on offer and when. In this article, we take a look at just what SMS Messaging has to offer. With 93% of the population having a mobile phone and most people responding to an SMS text message within 3 minutes, it has proven to be one of the most effective forms of marketing available. Read on to see how you can make the most of SMS text messaging to kick off your summer kids club.

Despite a greater than ever demand for playschool places, many sessions remain unfilled due to the varied hours that parents and carers choose to book, as well as other factors such as illness, holidays and routine appointments. Empty spaces are not just an inconvenience when it comes to staff scheduling - they are also valuable sales opportunities. So how can you make sure your nursery fills those empty spaces and maximises profits? The answer lies in SMS messaging.