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Schools, colleges, even nurseries, are major users of SMS messaging for a variety of useful applications, contacting colleagues, parents, carers, students and 3rd parties.

Phone lines can be unblocked in the morning by enabling parents to text in reports of absence rather than calling. Other queries can also be received using a Virtual Mobile Number to free up admin staff.

Parents can be informed by text of many issues, from truancy and bad behaviour, to times of sporting events or rehearsals. Parents can also be alerted of snow closures or other changes of routine.

See below many more examples of why SMS messaging is indispensable for schools, colleges and nurseries.

Schools up and down the country are working tirelessly to increase the opportunities available to young people. But, with budgets being cut, these are tough times for many education providers. One of the biggest challenges facing head teachers, class teachers, and office staff is how to find cost-effective means of effectively communicating with the parents and carers of their pupils. That's where SMS text messaging comes in.


The education sector can greatly benefit from the use of SMS messaging, as it can be a good way to build strong relationships with students, parents and also other members of staff. These are some of the ways to make good use of SMS messaging in the education sector.


It’s now scientific fact. SMS messaging in schools can help improve maths scores and increase attendance. We know because of a yearlong study of thousands of secondary students across the UK. The key is increasing parent involvement. Learn how it was done, and how to use it in your school.


When it comes to using SMS messaging in student education, one major issue that comes up is whether students should have mobile phones at all (in class). Currently in the UK, each school sets its own rules on mobile phone usage. Some allow them in class and some ban them entirely.


It used to be you could skip a lecture or sleep late at university. But using the excuse you forgot about a session is about to become less believable than it already was. And it's all down to the ways educational institutions are using new technology to engage with students, mainly SMS.