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International text messaging: How to stay in touch while traveling without breaking the bank

international sms messaging

Whether you travel internationally for work or pleasure, exorbitant roaming data rates mean you’ll probably turn off your mobile while travelling. Or at least restrict when you use it. But what if you want to stay in touch and keep sending and receiving text messages with your family or mates?

Web-based text messaging is the answer.

NetMessenger, our online messenger application, only requires a web browser and internet connection. You can send text messages over Wi-Fi from your mobile, tablet, or laptop without paying international mobile or SMS rates. We have many customers using our service for personal texting for this reason, and because it can be much cheaper than texting with a standard mobile plan.

And depending where you travel, Wi-Fi Internet access can be free. Many major cities offer free Wi-Fi with hundreds of hot-spots throughout the area. Paris, for example, has over 260 free hot-spots in public locations.

If there isn’t free Wi-Fi, then there are services allowing you to purchase access to hot spots around the world. A popular Wi-Fi access service is Boingo, with over a million hot spots spread around the globe. Boingo charges a low monthly fee for access (it varies by region) but you can cancel anytime.

All this makes sending messages easy and inexpensive while traveling. But if you want a reply, you’ll need to make sure you have a virtual mobile number. You’ll find all the messages you receive in your inbox in NetMessenger, much like your normal email inbox. In fact, you can forward all your text messages to email if you want. Interested in seeing how it all works? Sign up for an always free account or contact us and well help you get started.

Once you’re set up you’ll have no excuses for not staying in touch, when you travel. Unless you’re having too much fun and leave your mobile behind.

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