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Our 10 Best SMS Mobile Marketing Blog Posts

Our 10 Best SMS Mobile Marketing Blog Posts

We’ve been cranking out the content on this blog for a few years now. After spending some time looking through it all, I decided to pull out the ten best blogs on mobile marketing. If you read nothing else about using SMS messaging in your mobile marketing, these blogs tell you what it is, how to do it, and how to know if you’ve done it right.

Without further ado, here they are in order.

1. SMS Marketing Campaign Basics

sms marketing basics

Understanding the fundamentals of SMS marketing is important if you are going to do it well. This blog explains the two basic campaign types and when to use them.

2. What’s In A Keyword? Three Rules To Using Keywords In SMS Marketing

Three rules to using keywords in SMS marketing

One of the most important aspects of SMS is the keyword. They are used for recognition and action in almost every two-way message. This post gives you the guidelines on how to choose, and use, them.

3. Getting A Reply: Should You Choose A VMN Or Shortcode? Part 1

Getting a reply- Should you choose a VMN or Shortcode

To use two-way messaging (so you can get a reply from your customers), you’ll need either a virtual mobile number (VMN) or a shortcode. This blog explains what a VMN is and why you might want to choose to use it. You’ll also find out the dangers of using a shared VMN, if that’s what your provider gives you.

4. Getting A Reply: Should You Choose A VMN Or Shortcode? Part 2

Getting a reply- Should you choose a VMN or Shortcode

In number three you learned about VMNs. This is the blog to learn about shortcodes, and finally how to decide which you should use for your specific needs.

5. How To Craft Your SMS Opt In Message

email and sms autoresponders

In order to use SMS marketing, you’ll need to have a list of mobile numbers. While you can contact existing customers under certain conditions, you’ll eventually want to grow a list specific for marketing. To do that you’ll need an opt in campaign. This blog will give you the formula for writing the best opt in message for your business.

6. One Great SMS Marketing Opt In Campaign Example

One Great SMS Marketing Opt In Campaign Example

It’s one thing to read about a concept, it’s another to see it in action. So this blog has you do both. I walk you step by step through a perfect example of an opt in campaign.

7. Using Perfectly Timed SMS Marketing To Engage Customers

Using Perfectly Timed SMS Marketing to Engage Customers

Learn how to send SMS messages “just in time” to all your customers. If you can perfect your timing, they’ll engage with you by sending the replies you ask for, redeeming the offers you send, or clicking on the links you provide.

8. Build Brand Loyalty With SMS Messaging

build brand loyalty using sms

Engaging your customers is just the beginning. This post goes into more detail about how personalised marketing can make your customers feel appreciated. That makes them happy, and turns them into loyal customers.

9. 4 Basic Metrics For Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

data protection for sms messaging

Once you’ve read all these posts and have launched your campaign, how do you know it’s working? Check out this blog to see some basic metrics you can use to quickly tell how successful the campaign was, and how to make it even better in the future.

10. 4 Simple Steps To Staying Compliant When Using SMS Messaging


The last of the best blogs is a quick checklist you can use with every campaign to make sure you stay compliant with the regulations regarding SMS marketing. Don’t worry. It’s easy to do if you follow the checklist.

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