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An A-Z of SMS Marketing: D is for Distribution List [Infographic]

In this edition of our visual A-Z of SMS Marketing, we take a closer look at distribution lists, a useful function of our online SMS Marketing platform. You can send messages to a distribution list at any time, and as quickly as if you were sending to a single number. As this infographic illustrates, a distribution list is the SMS messaging equivalent of an email mailing list, allowing you to instantly send hundreds or even thousands of messages with just one click. It is no surprise then that they have long been a favourite feature for power users of the fastsms messaging platform.

SMS Marketing distribution lists are a great tool when sending non-personal mass messages such as special offers, event announcements, voucher codes, emergency announcements, staff bulletins, text-to-win competitions and more.

An A-Z of SMS Marketing: D is for Distribution List | Infographic

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