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Restaurants Can Turn Every Table into a SMS Marketing Campaign

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In sit down restaurants, what is the one feature every patron will look at? The table.

Think about it. They need to look down to pick up utensils, put their glass back down, find their napkin, or to find a distraction for those awkward moments with your fellow diners. What if you could turn that time into a marketing opportunity?

A US restaurant in Baltimore MD called the Greene Turtle did just that and added 6,000 people to their opt in list within 30 days. By the end of four months, they had 16,000 new subscribers. How? Every table was covered in a “tablecling” or “tablewrap” with an ad promoting the restaurant’s opt in SMS marketing campaign.

You may have seen something like them yourself at your local pub or sandwich bar. The ad usually covers the entire table, but is resistant to heat, stains, and general wear and tear. Even if you have seen them, you may not have thought to use them to promote your own SMS campaign. For example the ad could include a keyword to text to a shortcode that allows your customers to receive:

  • A special discount on their next purchase
  • Exclusive text club offers weekly, monthly, or however often you have promotions
  • Benefits of your rewards program for SMS customers only
  • A chance to submit a review of their experience in your restaurant

The possibilities are endless really.

Here’s an example that includes tablewraps on restaurant tables, though the company behind it isn’t a restaurant. Castrol, a major lubricant company, designed a SMS marketing campaign to help motorists ensure they were using the right oil in their cars. They placed 1,690 tablewraps in service areas and on Welcome Break tables. After four weeks, over 170,000 had responded with the text code in the ad.

Your restaurant probably doesn’t have 1,690 tables, but think of how many people frequent your restaurant each day. If you could even get a small percentage to opt in to your SMS marketing campaign you’d have a good chance of turning them into return diners, maybe even frequent diners. All by putting some empty space your customers see while eating into something more interesting than a plain table.

If you think it sounds simple enough, but are afraid of the cost of sending SMS messages, remember the customer pays for the initial opt in message. And you’re in charge of how many messages you send and how frequently you send them. For example, 1000 messages sent with fastsms only costs £35. There’s no other direct advertising method that offers that much value for the money. Ready to find out more? Chat with us now, email or call and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

For more information you can now download our SMS Guide for Restaurants.

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