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9 Factors That Prove SMS Marketing Really Works

why sms marketing really works

Marketing is all about finding the balance between gaining a personal relationship with a client and communicating in a professional manner. SMS marketing is all about experimenting with that balance and has now become a highly popular form of marketing. In a world where social media is thought to be the forefront of marketing campaigns, business text messaging is on the rise and could even be one of the biggest marketing trends in 2017. You’ll be pleased to know that it really does work and you won’t want to miss out on how it could benefit your business.

Here are 9 reasons why SMS marketing actually does work:

1. Saves Time

Marketing campaigns can take heaps of time which can be quite tedious if you lead a busy lifestyle; yet hiring a professional to do the job for you can take away those stresses. Unlike having to market to a worldwide audience online in the hope that your posts will get noticed, a short text can be sent out to hundreds of contacts and reached instantly without having to fight for a client’s attention.

2. Affordable

Unlike other forms of marketing, SMS services are highly affordable for small businesses to pay out and is also extremely good value for money in comparison. PAYG (Pay As You Go) models mean there are only low, flat rates which aren’t costly, making it a valuable investment when it comes to building up a good, secure client base. Unlike paying for advertisements or social media campaigns that can cost huge amounts of cash, giving SMS marketing a go wouldn’t break the bank before you have even started out.

3. Popularity of Texting

Texting will never go out of fashion. As long as the majority of people still use mobile phones, texting will always be a crucial part of communication in the modern world. Despite social media platforms where communication is also exchanged; texting is a classic method of reaching individuals simply and easily. A text notification is usually the first to pop up on a phone. Knowing you can reach clients through texting immediately ensures that SMS marketing is still effective.

4. Vital Information

Texting means that messages can be sent in short, snappy writing forms which grabs the attention of the reader instantly. Unlike emails for example where the main focal point of the campaign is lost in unnecessary added information, a text can only be sent in approximately 140 characters and gets the message across in a clear manner. Likewise, people within the technological world have short attention spans and don’t want to sift through pages and pages of writing to get to the main point of the campaign. Always consider what your client is looking for within a message and give them a reason to be excited.

5. Convivence

As previously mentioned, most people now carry a mobile phone at all times, therefore receiving offers and deals on products or services is extremely easy to manage through SMS marketing. In comparison to email marketing, consumers would need to log onto their computer if they don’t have an email app installed on their device, therefore they may not see the marketing or promotion until it’s too late. Also, emails could end up in the junk section of their email inbox which would be pointless anyway. According to a survey, 98% of texts sent out are opened and most of them are read in as little as 3 minutes.

6. Appealing

People love receiving text messages. It may be due to the personal and privatised way of communicating which is appealing if a client feels as though they have been thought of on an individual basis. There is always excitement when opening a text message, perhaps even more so than emails as they are often very formal and business-like in their content and approach. Aim to keep a connection with your clients on a personal level and in return, you should notice an increase in sales or productivity within your business. The fact that texts are on a much smaller scale than online marketing campaigns creates secure business relationships; rather than trying to market on large scale platforms which can make clients feel like one of many.

7. Interactive

The great thing about SMS marketing is that you can become interactive with your client base should you wish to. You could make SMS marketing a bit of fun, rather than just a sales based, one-sided text campaign. You could send links to different sections of your website should you have new additions you want your clients to be aware of; in particular, videos or blogs you feel may be of interest. Another idea would be to send out questionnaires to get feedback on particular elements of your marketing strategy or company, as a way of understanding what the client base actually wants from you.

8. A Wider Audience

Roughly 10 years ago, you would only ever see the younger generation carrying mobile phones. Nowadays, 80 and 90-year-olds carry their phones with them when out and about. Unlike previous years, you can reach a wider age range. Online marketing, on the other hand is on a different level completely. Much of the older age range don’t own social media accounts or email addresses, therefore it is harder to reach a whole generation of clients. Yet regardless of how mobile phones continue to develop, even the basic models (perhaps owned by older people) can still receive a good old text message.

9. Receive Further Client Information

SMS marketing is a great way to learn more about your clients and receive further information from them if you need to. Asking for more details such as email addresses or home phone numbers could be an option, should you ever need to contact them in a different way. Due to the business-like email form of marketing, this may not be as effective in receiving answers to these sorts of questions.

If you would like to know more about SMS services and how our company would be a good option for business text messaging, please contact us at fastsms today.

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