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Use Cases

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The massive increase in the use of SMS text messaging by business organisations is largely due to its flexibility and simplicity in meeting a very broad range of requirements in a wide array of applications. There is something in it for almost everyone!

We have Scout groups organising trips via SMS; health clubs sending special offers; windmills on wind farms texting diagnostic details to engineers; travel companies warning of delays and web servers notifying staff of technical faults. And that’s just off the top of my head!

Our Business SMS Guide is a comprehensive free document with hundreds of ideas on how SMS can help get more customers, keep more customers, reduce operational costs, improve quality of service and ultimately save you money and generate more profits. We also offer a range of free guides to specific business sectors such as travel, recruitment, salons and food outlets. Click here to see a list.

So when we spot an interesting new use case or a new angle on existing use cases, we’ll post it here. And if you want to set us a challenge in coming up with a use case for you get in touch and we’ll figure it out.

SMS is a cheap and ethical way for charities and organisations to communicate with their supporters, notifying them of upcoming events or keeping them informed of what work they have been doing ‐ this makes the supporters feel more connected to the cause and more likely to contribute in the form of volunteering and donating.

While the importance of SMS Text Messaging in recruitment services is certainly not new information to agencies. They may be surprised just how many recruiters are either not using SMS effectively or to its full potential. This guide to SMS in Recruitment suggests some best practices to be followed when communicating via SMS text messaging.

SMS gives Letting Agents and Property Management Companies the opportunity to manage all their communications with their tenants directly from their desktop as well the means to market properties to prospective clients in a way that really gets them to take notice.

Estate agents have seen major benefits since incorporating SMS into their communications - helping them to coordinate their team by sending them appointment details by text as well as marketing their properties to prospective clients in a way that really gets them to take notice.