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Winter SMS Marketing Tips for Mechanics

Top Winter SMS Marketing Tips for Car Mechanics

Winter is historically peak season for mechanics, and the recent spell of arctic weather in the UK has seen breakdown numbers reach record levels. Even the most modern of cars can fall victim to the cold weather, meaning that as long as you can be found, there is money to be made. Whether used as a tool to retain existing clients or attract new clients, SMS Marketing has a lot to offer mechanics this winter. Here are some suggestions.

Service reminders

One of the best ways your customers can keep their car running smoothly through the winter is to get booked in for a winter service. Although we may already be well into winter, the coldest weather is often in January and February, so it’s not too late to reach out to those customers who have not yet had their car checked and invite them in for a winter check. Not only will customers appreciate your level of care, they will also be reminded to inquire with you about general maintenance and their annual service.

Winter products

An easy way to supplement your turnover during winter is to stock a range of winter products such as de-icing preparations and tools, winter fluids, winter wear for drivers and such like. A carefully selected and well-positioned selection of merchandise can see good sales – so use SMS Marketing to make sure your customers know to turn to you for all of their winter motoring needs, not just when they break down.

Winter Draw

Another popular technique to extend your reach in winter is to run a special winter draw, with prizes such as winter motoring products or even free or discounted services. This can work especially well directly after the New Year when people tend to have limited funds available and will most appreciate the idea of getting something for free.

Winter battery checks

One of the biggest causes of break down in winter is battery failure. So why not help your customers avoid this unfortunate predicament by sending them an SMS message to invite them to have their battery checked and replaced if necessary. Not only does this service alone offer great value to the customer, there is also the potential for cross-selling other products and services you may have available.

Winter driving tips

Another powerful way to use SMS Marketing during winter is to provide your customers with useful information such as winter driving tips. Think about concise tips that can be summarised in a message of up to 459 characters, such as what to pack for a journey, what to do when driving on snow, etc. If you feel compelled to go into more detail, use SMS messages to send customers links to your own articles or reliable articles by third parties with whom you are affiliated such as the RAC.

Booking reminders

Be sure to send an SMS confirmation of any bookings your customers make for repairs or service, and if there is a gap of more than a few days before they are due in, send them a further reminder before they are due in. It’s easy to forget times and dates, especially at this busy time of year and customers will appreciate you going the extra mile.

Repairs and service updates

If your customer has their vehicle in for repairs or a service this winter, be sure to use SMS Marketing to keep them fully in the loop. Aim to get the all the necessary information to them before they feel the need to call you – this will help to enhance your reputation for customer service, as well as build increased trust.

Customer feedback

A simple SMS based ‘How did we do today?’ survey can play a huge part in maintaining your reputation for excellence in customer service. An easy to complete satisfaction survey allows you to identify your strongest areas, as well as potential areas for improvement. This will help you to retain existing clients as well as increase your likelihood of those customers referring you to friends and family.

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