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SMS Marketing for Formal Outfitters

SMS Marketing for Formal Outfitters

As the New Year and its traditional festivities fast approach, formal outfitters across the UK are likely to experience high demand. With many venues hosting exclusive black tie balls to welcome in the new year, suit hire has become a popular and increasingly affordable option for the discerning gentleman. Although many of your customers will have made their orders by now, there will inevitably be a last minute rush of enquiries. Whether you are managing relations with existing clients or seeking to attract new customers, SMS Marketing has a lot to offer both now and for the year ahead.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

There are many benefits of SMS Marketing that help to make it an attractive option for formal outfitters. Firstly, it is highly personal, making it a great match for the nature of your services. As a marketing channel, its open and response rates are unrivalled, making it far superior to email and other conventional marketing channels. At the same time, it is incredibly versatile and can easily be integrated into a broader marketing strategy to supplement your existing approach.

At a time of year when most of your clients will be under pressure to finish off the year on the right footing, the chances are high that email communications may well be overlooked at the time of sending, meaning that important and time-sensitive communications can be missed. SMS Marketing means that you can almost guarantee that your clients receive and read their communications almost as soon as they are received, ensuring that you maintain a reputation for excellence in customer service.

SMS Marketing strategies for formal outfitters

  • Popular Ranges: As we approach a key time of year such as New Year’s Eve, SMS Marketing is a great way to let your customers know what the most popular ranges are for the formal party. SMS messages support links which can be opened directly on any smartphone, so it is easy for your customer to browse what’s available. Consider sending messages out at convenient times such as lunch breaks for increased engagement.
  • Reservation Confirmations: Once a customer has made a reservation for their formal wear, be sure to send them an SMS confirmation – whether they made their booking in-store or online. Having a reminder on hand in the form of an SMS message saves the customer the trouble of hunting down an email or holding onto a written note.
  • Suggested Extras: If a customer has ordered an item that lends itself to being worn with other products such as a bow tie or tuxedo, use SMS messaging to make suggestions. It adds value to the customer whilst offering you the opportunity to benefit from cross-sells or even upsells.
  • Special Offers: If you offer your customers any offers during the festive season or indeed at any other time of year, use SMS Marketing to convey them as they will be read much sooner than an email, making the customer much more likely to follow up with a conversion.
  • Loyalty Programs: If you have a special customer club or loyalty scheme, SMS messaging is a perfect way to say a thank you to your customers for their loyalty in the last year and wish them the best with some special loyalty rewards, such as members-only discounts or bonus points on purchases. If you don’t already have such a scheme, now is the ideal moment to set one up and get customers signed up when they make a booking.
  • Status Updates and Reminders: Use SMS Marketing to make sure your customers know when they have booked their formal wear for, when it is ready for collection and when it is due to be returned.
  • News & Tips: From how to look like James Bond to how to deal with a wine spill, there are plenty of tips that you can give your customers. Basic tips on how to get ‘the look’ and how to look after your formal clothing will be useful to your customers. Keep such communications relevant and helpful and they can help to enhance the customer experience and strengthen your brand.

With our easy sign-up and exceptional customer support, you can be ready to get your SMS Marketing campaign underway in seconds. To find out more about how we can help you to grow, call our award-winning team of SMS Marketing experts now on 0800 945 5305.

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