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Throttling: The proactive way to manage your responses

If you are sending a high volume of messages at a time it is sometimes necessary that they sit in a queue before sending. With throttling you can specify how many messages are sent and how often.

In many cases your broadcast may hold a marketing message that is likely to trigger a response, for example an inbound phone call. By throttling you can specify how many messages are sent and how often, so they can be spread over a period of time preventing your staff from becoming overwhelmed. If you know the percentage of immediate responses you expect you can calibrate the throttling system to an optimum level ensuring maximum efficiency.

When you create a distribution list you have the option to enable throttling when broadcasts are made to those numbers.  Where messages are sent per hour, they will be sent at the start of each hour. Where messages are sent per minute, they are distributed across the hour, rather than all being sent at the start of the hour.throttling messages



> Check the ‘Throttle when sending to this list’

> Enter the number of messages you wish to be sent per hour/min

> From the drop down menu select Hour or Minute

> Select the start and end times

> Click Save

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