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NetMessenger: The best way to send text messages when you can’t get a signal

sending text messages underground

Coverage maps from mobile providers all tout the best mobile phone coverage. But even the best ones will have holes in their service if you look closely. It all really depends on geography and signal strength. In areas with hills and valleys, you could lose signal just by being on one side of the hill while the mobile tower is on the other.

More commonly though, most people lose signal when they go indoors or below ground in places like the London Underground. Mobile signals aren’t strong enough to penetrate deep into buildings or through the ground. For the millions of people who regularly use the Tube, that means no phone calls or text messages.

Fortunately though, you don’t need mobile service to receive or send text messages. NetMessenger is a web based service you access through your browser using an Internet connection. If you have Wi-Fi access, you can use your mobile, laptop, or tablet to keep in touch with friends, family or work.

That’s great news for those using the London Underground. Transport for London says there are 144 stations with free Wi-Fi access to about 95% of London’s population (access is free to existing customers of certain companies. See the list on TFL here. Other users can purchase plans). Though there is talk of bringing 3G and 4G service to the Tube, there’s no timeline for when that will happen. Though most agree it won’t be soon.

Besides when you’re in the Tube, NetNessenger can still keep you in touch when you have no signal, wherever you are. And depending on your mobile plan, using NetMessenger could be even cheaper than sending directly from your mobile number. In fact, we have many customers using the service for their own private use and not for business.

It’s easy to get started. Just sign up for a free account and you’ll get ten free credits to see how easy it is to use, wherever you are. You’ll be ready to send messages in just a few minutes whatever the mobile phone coverage in your location. Questions? Chat, email or call us and we’ll be happy to talk to you.

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