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SMS Use Case: Armed Forces

People often think that online text messaging providers such as Fastsms are just for those large corporations and broadcasters who want to send hundreds of texts at a time, and in many cases they’re right!

In our time in the SMS industry we have seen online texting grow from people looking for a free way to text their friends to a widely recognised method of communication used by big business; however we have made sure we never lost site of the individual, personal user.

In recent years as more and more young men and women in the armed forces have found themselves stationed overseas, we as a communications provider, have been finding ways to help them stay in touch with friends and family back home.

Now you may be thinking they already have phone, email, letters and Facebook – which we agree are all great, and invaluable to them and those still in the UK. However there is still that percentage of people they would like to contact who won’t have Internet access, so that rules out email and Facebook.

With over 80% of adults in the UK owning mobile phones SMS is often the only method of contact for many individuals. With a Fastsms account they can text friends and family back home for the same cost per message (if not less) as if they were in the UK themselves. Also, conventional phone and text usage is usually rationed in overseas territories so using the internet to send and receive text messages can easily extend the number of texts that can be sent.

A free trial is available from Fastsms; just click here and you can be up and running in a few minutes. If you found this SMS use case of interest you can find more here.

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