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“Many parents would like school reports on their children’s performance texted” a survey says.

school smsSchool SMS : improve communication between school and parents

A recent survey of 1,493 parents polled by government education technology agency Becta found that the majority of parents surveyed were in favour of schools using SMS technologies for communication. Only 1 in 12 of the 1,493 parents said schools currently keep them informed using these methods. 8 out of 10 wanted more feedback on their child’s academic performance.

Fastsms already provides many hundreds of UK schools, colleges and universities with an online texting service which enables direct, fast and reliable communication between the school and parents.

TV parenting expert Tanya Byron commented:

“Using a variety of digital platforms, such as the internet and text, will enable schools and parents to have a greater collaborative relationship, which can only benefit each child.”

Our services are currently used to alert parents about after-school clubs, school closures, absenteeism, good behavior, parents evenings, etc. One message can be sent to any number of recipients within seconds from our Online NetMessenger application or our Outlook Mobile Service desktop application. For every text sent out our handset delivery receipts allow you to know when the text has arrived on the phone.

A spokesman for Becta’s Next Generation Learning Campaign Neil McLean said:

“Using technology, there are many ways to increase the frequency and quality of contact parents have with schools. This can be done easily and cost effectively, without putting extra pressure on teachers.”

It is free to create a Fastsms account and we give you 10 free message credits to try it out. If you need help we will talk you through the setup and get you sending texts in no time. You simply pay for the texts you send and there are no hidden costs. The only costs are for message credits – which are never more than 3.5p each and £99 per year if you need an inbound Virtual Mobile Number so that you can receive incoming texts into your Fastsms inbox.

If you are interested in finding out more about Fastsms Schools SMS please call the Team on 0800 954 5305

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