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My text message went where?

text messageNot long after I got my iPad Air, I was doing some web research when an unfamiliar notification popped up. I’d received a text message. You may not think that’s strange, but my iPad is Wi-Fi only. I hadn’t really done much with it yet, other than sync it with my Apple account so getting text messages was a surprise to me.

At first I was delighted I could get my text messages on my iPad because I’m forever leaving my iPhone behind, or leaving the sound off. But my iPad has become my constant companion. Of course it didn’t take long to realise I only received some of my text messages. Only contacts with iPhones (or iPads) would be able to send me messages via Apple’s iMessage network.

More importantly, though I realised that my replies to those text messages didn’t always get through. Even though those contacts were iPhone users, sometimes the messages were listed as undelivered. Occasionally I’d get the option to deliver via text message instead, but not always.

Recently Apple announced it would fix a bug with iMessage that prevented users who switched away from the iPhone from receiving their text messages. That particular bug has been around for several years so it took Apple a long time to finally fix it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t apply to the problem I have with my messages.

I don’t know if my disappearing text messages, or rather undelivered text messages are a bug or just something with my particular situation (or the recipients). But in hindsight, what concerns me more is that I didn’t do anything special to set it up. Once I synced my iPad with my Apple account it just happened. Could it have been in the fine print of the Apple agreement that I agreed to without reading (does anyone?)? It probably was.

My options to “fix” it are pretty much the same as the alternative to waiting for Apple’s iMessage bug fix: turn off iMessage, or live with the service as it is.

Fortunately, if you need to send text messages for your business or organisation you don’t have to worry about Apple bugs.  Fastsms services provide guaranteed delivery. How’s that for peace of mind?

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