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Apple is one of the great innovators of the Digital Age and has built a large and loyal following for its computers, tablets and smartphones.

As SMS messaging systems are primarily utilised in the business world, where Microsoft tends to dominate, some users question whether Fastsms can operate on the Apple platforms. The answer is Yes on all counts. Our main solution, NetMessenger, is browser-based and works in any browser irrespective of platform. Our Email to SMS solution operates on any email client that can send emails in text format.

So whether you use Apple or PC’s or Linux it’s all the same to us.

Apple’s at it again. Changes they’ve made in iOS 10 affect how some SMS messages are displayed to your customers. If you want to know how those changes affect your SMS marketing, and what you can do to avoid them, you’ll find it all in this blog.


So what was the first ever smartphone available? Here we discuss whether it was the Simon from IBM back in 1992 or maybe the Ericsson GS88, or the Nokia 9000 communicator a year earlier. Whichever it's hard to imagine a world without smartphones yet almost as difficult to accept they've been around for 20 - 25 years.


You probably already know how important it is to create a relationship with your customers. Customer relations, or support, is one of the primary ways most companies develop loyal, lasting customers. Which brings me to my inspiration for this blog.

Not long after I got my iPad Air, I was doing some web research when an unfamiliar notification popped up. I'd received a text message. You may not think that's strange, but my iPad is Wi-Fi only. I hadn't really done much with it yet, other than sync it with my Apple account so getting text messages was a surprise to me. At first I was delighted I could get my text messages on my iPad because I’m forever leaving my iPhone behind, or leaving the sound off. But my iPad has become my constant companion. Of course it didn't take long to realise I only received some of my text messages. Only contacts with iPhones (or iPads) would be able to send me messages via Apple's iMessage network. More importantly, though I realised that my replies to those text messages didn't always get through. Even though those contacts were iPhone users, sometimes the messages were listed as undelivered. Occasionally I'd get the...