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A great way to add another level to your employee and customer communications is to advertise your number as a contact option, helping you keep in touch through an individuals preferred medium.

If you are looking to promote a direct call to action from your advertising or want to receive messages as soon as they are sent, rather than through daily reporting as many other solutions offer then a Direct Response campaign is just for you.

This week we spoke to the UK's leading injury compensation specialists, Accident Advice Helpline about how they have been using FASTSMS in their business processes to give you a better idea of the ways in which SMS can be applied.

In our time in the SMS industry we have seen online texting grow from people looking for a free way to text their friends to a widely recognised method of communication used by big business; however we have made sure we never lost site of the individual, personal user.

Now more than ever, people with financial responsibility are looking for ways to reduce outgoings whilst maximising income. The trouble is how to do this in a way that doesn’t compromise the quality of service, and in this respect, schools are not exempt.