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Fastsms Use Case: Service Managers

This use case relates to how SMS messaging can help a car dealership’s Service Managers. It’s an example that most of us can relate to but many of the benefits described would apply to other “servicing” operations, such as domestic appliances, air conditioning, plant and machinery and much more. If you want to talk through how your service managers might benefit get in touch.

When providing customer service how communication is carried out is key, it needs to be non-intrusive, practical and most of all effective. Studies have shown that with emails being ignored and phone calls often seen as an annoyance, receiving a text message is rapidly becoming the preferred method of contact. This is supported by the fact that now over 80% of adults own a mobile phone, the message gets right into their hand, its direct, concise and they can read it in a couple of seconds without breaking their stride.

When you apply these characteristics to a car dealership’s service manager, some of the most popular uses are as follows…

  • Reminders – Texting customers to let them know when their next MOT or service is due, securing their custom
  • Fault Reports – In the case of a recall campaign, customers can be segregated and contacted immediately with warnings and instructions saving time and money
  • Customer Alerts – When a customers car is ready for pick up or there has been a delay, a quick text to let them know will do wonders for customer relations

With a little imagination the uses here can be applied to everything from dog groomers, to solicitors to children’s nurseries – in fact anything time bound where customer satisfaction is paramount. All of this can be managed through the Fastsms system, NetMessenger – to find out how to improve your communication and increase customer loyalty grab us on chat or give us a call on 0800 954 5305 and we’ll talk you through your options.

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