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SMS Case Study: Accident Advice Helpline Direct Ltd

accident advice helplineThis week we spoke to the UK’s leading injury compensation specialists, Accident Advice Helpline about how they have been using Fastsms in their business processes to give you a better idea of the ways in which SMS can be applied.

“Accident Advice Helpline was established in 2000 to provide access to justice for victims of accidents following the withdrawal of legal aid for personal injury cases. Since 2000 Accident Advice Helpline has helped thousands of victims injured in all types of accidents.”

Pursuing a personal injury claim can be a long process with clearly defined phases and stages, many of which can happen without the client being present. In the past it was a challenge to keep the client up to date with what stage their claim was at – Accident Advice Helpline did their best to keep the client updated by phone and post, requiring time and money.

Since incorporating SMS into their communication process Accident Advice Helpline have been able to keep their clients up to date on the progress of their case at various key stages, typically sending 4 or 5 alerts per claim during the course of the case.

This is a perfect example of SMS being used, not primarily as a money saver, but as a great way to improve customer awareness and satisfaction as they are able to stay on top of their cases and look after their clients without divertingvaluable man power and resource.

Accident Advice Helpline have now also started using SMS to promote their services to prospective clients in an increasingly competitive market, ensuring their position as the UK’s leading injury compensation specialists for the last 10 years.

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