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There has been more build up and anticipation to GDPR than the football World Cup! Months and months of GDPR posts filled with thoughts and opinions have swarmed our news feeds and email inboxes. Warnings and potential astronomical fine figures have initial around left right and centre… And here we are several weeks after GDPR and all is calm and well! The unfortunate truth is, there were many individuals and businesses that seen GDPR as a money maker, and were scaremongering perfectly legitimate people and businesses into making rash decisions about their marketing, when in fact they were perfectly fine and GDPR compliant already. GDPR was not aimed at the perfectly legitimate and honest businesses that use their customer data and information responsibly, and have done for years. The GDPR rules are just an update to the existing data protection laws that many UK businesses already comply with.  GDPR was aimed at the...

With football such an important part of British culture, the World Cup offers a fantastic sales opportunity for companies of all different shapes and sizes - all you need is a great idea to get a themed campaign up and running. And the beauty of SMS Marketing - you can set up and start running a campaign almost instantly. To help you make the most of this exciting event, we've prepared a football themed infographic to offer some insipration and ideas to get you thinking.

The 2018 Football World Cup officially starts tomorrow with the first match taking place between hosts Russia and fellow Group A contenders Saudi Arabia. With football being such a big part of British culture, now is a great time to put together a themed SMS Marketing campaign to make the most of the hype. So what footie phrases work best for SMS Marketing and how can you use them? Here are nine inspired ideas.  ...

From 1-7th June, groups, charities and individuals across the UK will be getting together to celebrate Volunteers’ Week 2018, a week long event which aims to share inspiring stories, encourage individuals to get involved in volunteering and provide resources to anybody with an interest in finding out more. SMS Marketing is a great, low cost way for charities and other organisations to reach out to both new and existing volunteers, share information and more. Read on for some great ideas.

With volunteering playing such a vital role in the success of charities and other social organisations throughout the UK and carrying such a high value, the cost of an SMS Marketing message for each volunteer is a tiny price to pay for their amazing contribution and the simple act of saying thank you will help to show them that they matter and ensure their continued support. This infographic shows some ways in which SMS Marketing can be used to get the message across.