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The Lawn People growing through SMS marketing

One of the great things about working with SMS marketing is that so many different types of businesses can use it, every business sector has a different way of using mobile marketing to suit their business, to help build, develop and improve their business.

We love to see all the different weird and wonderful businesses here at Fastsms, from solicitors to accountants, from retail shops to restaurants – we have them all here at Fastsms.

The Lawn People are not your average business. They are the turf experts, they cater and take care of thousands of lawns across the country. They offer complete bespoke treatment and care for every individual lawn, and with the help of SMS marketing they are really growing.

Business SMS

Businesses love SMS marketing because it’s simple, cost effective, time efficient, and incredibly responsive compared to other marketing channels.

“We love it. It’s easy and simple and our customer prefer a text message too, rather than a phone call or an email that they won’t read. We just found that a text message is a better system of communicating with our customers” 

Like with any marketing channel, knowing what to write can be tricky, but one thing that The Lawn People say is making it personal gets a better response.

“What we would say is try to make the texts sound personal and not like a big bulk mobile marketing campaign – we have found that personal sounding messages work much better. The Fastsms format is great as it’s simple and easy to use” 

A big thank you to The Lawn People for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us.

If you would like to discuss how mobile marketing could help your business then get in touch today, or sign up here now for free and give it a try for yourself.