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America set to send a text message to every US mobile phone

To put it quite simply, the text message simply cannot be beat when it comes to trying to get your message across. It’s open and response rates are far, far superior to any other channel, and this is why we have seen many businesses and organisations sending their mission critical messages and transactions, through SMS and they now see it as their primary method for communicating. The latest Ofcom report revealed exactly why mobile marketing is so effective – read here

NHS appointments, Dentist appointments, Bank notifications are all now using SMS for important notifications and news, and now it’s the time for the US Government. 

On Thursday the 20th September the US Government will be sending out a text message to every US mobile phone, to test it’s Emergency Alert System, which alerts the public about any possible future National emergencies.

This type of thing is perfect for SMS, you could not call everyone, not everyone will be watching the television, emails will sit unread for several hours even if they do dodge your junk folder and end up in your inbox, the only logical way is to send a text message.

With SMS you can virtually guarantee that every message you send will be read by the recipient, 98% of text messages are read. This is why SMS marketing is not only popular with retailers, but with more important, serious transactions and notifications.

The US Government proposed message will read…

Notification SMS messagesSMS marketing is perfect for mission critical messages like this, or appointment reminders, notifications, sales or marketing and for any type of business.

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