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Fastsms Recruitment SMS Guide

Recruitment companies have been using SMS alongside their other communications almost as long as it has been around. The range of benefits is broad and includes the following:

  • Broadcast details of vacancies to job seekers in your database.
  • Broadcast details of new candidates to potential employers.
  • Inform contract workers of new contract opportunities.
  • Inform part-time or zero hours workers of rotas.

All of these benefit from the immediacy, universality and privacy of text messages delivered to the individual’s handset. Further uses include:

  • Send confirmations of CVs received, appointments for interview, etc.
  • Conduct confidential dialogue with candidates to share information.
  • Enable candidates to text in a job code to receive further information back in a text message.

So SMS messaging helps you get more candidates, gets candidate details to employers more quickly, cuts down the time it takes to communicate whilst enhancing confidentiality, and more! This boil down to Recruitment Agencies using SMS fully having a measurable edge over their competitors. So what are you waiting for?

Our Recruitment SMS Guide details how text messaging can be used effectively within a recruitment company including:

  • How to use SMS in recruitment
  • Advantages of using SMS text messaging
  • Getting the most out of SMS text messaging
  • Choosing the right SMS provider

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