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Mobile Marketing Campaign: Advanced Vote

Advanced Vote: Mobile Marketing Campaign

Modern communication technology mobile phoneRunning an advanced vote campaign is a really great way to engage your audience, as is any situation where you are asking for opinion. At the end of the day we all love to be asked what we think and are in cases where we have a strong feeling one way or another we are more than happy to share it – its human nature.

It can be easily used in many of the same situations as a simple vote. As soon as people give their opinion one way or another (as with the examples discussed below) they are aligning themselves with that particular party, becoming invested.

Take for example, an individual votes for their favourite pizzeria, it is unlikely that they will then go and eat at the nearest rival. People love the concept of loyalty, and the majority endeavour to have this as a personal trait – it’s why we feel giddy at the prospect of being rewarded for being a ‘loyal customer’ and have loyalty cards for shops and bars.

The difference of an advanced vote when compared to its simple counterpart is the options available; voters can give their opinion in a range of categories, rather than a simple two way, Yes or No/A or B, vote.

Advanced Vote Example:

A magazine runs a survey to find the best foods in a range of categories. For example best fast food restaurant, best supermarket, best new food product. The reader responds as follows:

Text NEW WISPA to 88010

Whether you are running the vote to gain data for future mobile marketing campaigns or trying to engage your audience you are sure to trigger their allegiance to a particular way of thinking which can have a great many benefits to all involved. If you think this might be for you sign up for a Free Account. If you need advice on getting started use the Live Chat button at the bottom of the page, email helpdesk@netsecrets.co.uk or call us on 0800 954 4305.

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