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Use Cases

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The massive increase in the use of SMS text messaging by business organisations is largely due to its flexibility and simplicity in meeting a very broad range of requirements in a wide array of applications. There is something in it for almost everyone!

We have Scout groups organising trips via SMS; health clubs sending special offers; windmills on wind farms texting diagnostic details to engineers; travel companies warning of delays and web servers notifying staff of technical faults. And that’s just off the top of my head!

Our Business SMS Guide is a comprehensive free document with hundreds of ideas on how SMS can help get more customers, keep more customers, reduce operational costs, improve quality of service and ultimately save you money and generate more profits. We also offer a range of free guides to specific business sectors such as travel, recruitment, salons and food outlets. Click here to see a list.

So when we spot an interesting new use case or a new angle on existing use cases, we’ll post it here. And if you want to set us a challenge in coming up with a use case for you get in touch and we’ll figure it out.

Whatever the event you are planning, from a seminar, product launch or grand opening to a concert or trade fair for hundreds or even thousands of people, SMS Marketing is a powerful, versatile and cost effective tool that has a variety of uses to help ensure that your participants and attendees enjoy the very best experience and make sure your event is as successful as possible. So how can SMS Marketing be used by event organisers? We take a look.


Spring is a peak time of year for wedding planning as Brides and Grooms to be plan ahead for the warmer spring and summer weather, and now is the time of year to be making sure that those planning their big day can find your wedding service company. SMS Marketing can be a powerful tool to boost your business and help your customers to minimise the stress on their big day. So just how can various wedding service providers take advantage of what SMS Marketing has to offer? Read on for more.

While the majority of successful home shopping businesses now operate a huge online presence, they also effectively make use of various channels such as email, apps and SMS Marketing to contact their customers, promote products and encourage sales. Of course, much of these sales are through people simply browsing for clothes on their mobile devices but how exactly do these companies effectively utilise SMS marketing to keep their customers regularly purchasing?

Gluten free, vegan, paleo and organic products have all surged in popularity over 2017, and it is reported by the Soil Association that the organic market alone is now worth over £2 billion to the British economy. For retailers and health food outlets, there has never been a better time to be in business - and SMS Marketing could help you to ride the wave and maximise revenues in 2018. So how can health food businesses make the most of the channel? Here are some easy to implement ideas.

With many making it their New Year’s Resolution to find a new job or make a long awaited career change and the tighter economy forcing more and more people to seek better incomes and greater stability, 2018 is set to be a busy year for recruitment agencies. In addition, there is more demand than ever from employers. Read this article to learn why SMS Marketing should feature prominently in your strategy this year.