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Use Cases

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The massive increase in the use of SMS text messaging by business organisations is largely due to its flexibility and simplicity in meeting a very broad range of requirements in a wide array of applications. There is something in it for almost everyone!

We have Scout groups organising trips via SMS; health clubs sending special offers; windmills on wind farms texting diagnostic details to engineers; travel companies warning of delays and web servers notifying staff of technical faults. And that’s just off the top of my head!

Our Business SMS Guide is a comprehensive free document with hundreds of ideas on how SMS can help get more customers, keep more customers, reduce operational costs, improve quality of service and ultimately save you money and generate more profits. We also offer a range of free guides to specific business sectors such as travel, recruitment, salons and food outlets. Click here to see a list.

So when we spot an interesting new use case or a new angle on existing use cases, we’ll post it here. And if you want to set us a challenge in coming up with a use case for you get in touch and we’ll figure it out.

One of the single biggest obstacles you face as a startup is obscurity. With the majority of cash needed to cover stock, overheads and day to day operations, there is often very little budget available for marketing - and rarely enough to compete on the same scale as those already established in the field. Luckily, SMS marketing is a low cost and highly effective solution that has a lot to offer startups, and Christmas is a great time to take advantage of it's unique opportunities. Here's why.

With language skills now under the spotlight more than ever, the pressure is on for Britain's private language schools to up their game. SMS Marketing is a low cost, versatile and easy to use tool that is ideally suited to the various needs of a private language school, not just for direct marketing but also for improving communication, attendance and student satisfaction. If you haven't tried it yet, here's why you should.

There might still be the best part of a quarter of a year between now and Christmas, but the briefest of looks around any bricks and mortar retail establishment will leave you convinced that Jingle Bells are imminent - and customers are already beginning to spend. With customers already getting into the swing of Christmas shopping this early, the time to act and draw attention to your offerings is now - and SMS Marketing is a great way to do it. Read on to learn more.

Successful mаrkеtіng іѕ аll аbоut соmmunісаtіоn - уоu have a mеѕѕаgе, and уоu want people tо rесеіvе іt. In thе travel and tоurіѕm industry, tоur operators and асtіvіtу providers аlіkе are constantly trуіng tо fіnd better wауѕ to reach their customers, аnd drіvе rереаt bookings thrоugh fаmіlіаrіtу аnd lоуаltу. No marketing channel offers coach tour operators more effective and personal form of communication to achieve this than SMS Marketing.

The digital age has seen a rise in demand for business coaches to aid you in every aspect of your entrepreneurial efforts. From money mindset to technological solutions, earning passive income and attracting high-paying clients, these days there's a coach for everything. But running a coaching business isn't as simple as the hype would suggest. SMS marketing is the perfect way of supercharging your promotion of your coaching business, here's how.