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How do you measure SMS Marketing?

This is a question that is getting a lot of attention at the moment due to the sudden realisation from businesses of all sizes that SMS Marketing should be playing a role in their overall strategy.

Many are expecting the same level of reporting as channels such as Email Marketing wanting to see a break down of open rates, click through rates and a list of hot prospects – unfortunately the technology simply isn’t there yet, and there is no evidence to suggest it ever will be, with little change in the way SMS works since its conception.

The issue with the analytics is more down to a lack of understanding by the user than the technology itself, and the experienced mobile marketer will tell you as much.

The following points all require consideration when in the planning stage of your campaign so your results can subsequently be measured…

  1. Planning: A comprehensive mobile strategy is an absolute must, running a one-off venture will tell you little about its success with nothing to compare it with. Having a strategy running its course over months or years will show its success over time.
  2. Goal Setting: Having a clearly defined goal is a must, if you don’t know what you’re aiming for how will you know when you achieve it. Whether it is phone calls, visitors, leads, sign-ups, replies or something else you need to pick a variable and measure it.
  3. Overall Strategy: SMS works best when incorporated into your overall strategy supported by various other channels. The biggest mistake hopeful mobile marketeers make is implementing SMS on its own – combining it with Email Marketing, Telemarketing, Social Networking or Offline Advertising will increase its success noticeably.
  4. Analysis: If you have done everything you should in preparation of your campaign you should have the data you require to be able to analyse and move forward.
  5. Refine: It is then crucial that you take what you have learnt from your initial campaign and implement it to improve its success. Try combinations of channels and messages to find what works best for your business.

To find out more take a look at our beginners Guide to Mobile Marketing.

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