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5 Ways Salons and Spas Can Use SMS Marketing

5 ways salons and spas can use SMS marketing

Whether small or large, salons and spas can make great use of SMS marketing. Here’s a look at five useful and easy ways to put it to work in your salon or spa today.

Reminders for appointments – The most valuable asset you have is time. No shows and late appointments waste that time and you lose money. Sending a reminder 24-48 hours ahead of scheduled appointments can significantly reduce no shows. You’ll have more control over your time, make more money and reduce your frustration level with clients.

Exclusive discounts – Offer discounts just to those who opt in to receive text messages from you. It provides an incentive for more people to sign up since they know they’ll be getting something from it. Then, when you need to fill your salon or spa you can send text messages offering limited time coupons that will have your clients rushing in to take advantage of the great deals. They are happy, you’re busy – and happy too!

Ask for review – Word of mouth is worth more than a slew of advertising. Ask your happy customers to share their experience on Yelp, Google Places, Feefo or whichever review site you choose to use (see our own Feefo rating here).  Just a short “Thank You”, a request to leave feedback and a URL sent a few hours after an appointment will quickly fill your profiles with positive comments. The more you feedback you have, the more people will  call you for appointments.

Events – Hosting a special event? Let your subscribers know about it first via SMS message. Then send reminders right before the event and request an RSVP with a reply code or a link to the event on social media or website.

Useful tips – You may provide beauty tips, relaxation tips, de-stressing tips, even short inspirational quotes via email already. Offering a shorter version, or a link to the tips on your website via SMS will keep your business in the mind of your client so they’ll call you the next time they are looking for the services you provide. Since these may be a more regular type of message – like a new tip every week – make sure your clients are aware of how many text messages they’ll be getting from you (this helps avoid making them grumpy).

Using SMS for these types of messages is often better than email or voice calls because of the high read-rate of text messages over emails. And voice calls may go unanswered – plus they take up much more of your time. Ready to give it a try? Sign up for our free account today, or contact us via email (helpdesk@fastsms.co.uk), chat or phone and we’ll help you get started.

For more information, download our SMS Guide for Salons & Spas.

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