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FASTSMS Network Coverage

network coverage for sms messagingFastsms international network coverage delivers SMS messages to most countries across the world using the best routes available. We work with experienced SMS aggregators for the more unusual destinations with premium direct connections in key territories. Things can change rapidly so we are constantly monitoring our international messaging and looking for new and more effective ways of delivering SMS.

As a general rule international messages, other than UK and Ireland, use 2 message credits per SMS so cost a maximum of 7p to send. However if you anticipate sending large numbers of texts to a particular destination it is worth checking with us as we can often negotiate a better price for bulk messaging. Click the “Chat” button below or call us or email helpdesk@fastsms.co.uk.

To get more information on the many routes we offer you can download this Network Coverage document or visit the corresponding page on our website here. Both list all the GSM operators with whom FASTSMS currently have established SMS delivery routes. But if you don’t see what you need get in touch as network coverage changes frequently and we may have newer options than those listed.

Please remember that Fastsms only use premium message credits on which the interconnect fee has already been paid meaning we can guarantee delivery of your message to more than 300 GSM providers in over 100 countries.

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