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Email to SMS – is it relevant?

So, you can send SMS through your browser and from your desktop – so why would you want to send it through your email as well? This is a question we are not completely unfamiliar with so here is a brief outline of how Email to SMS works, and in what situation would you use it…

How it works…

Following a simple format whereby the recipient’s number goes in the ‘To’ field, who the message is from in the ‘subject’ field and your username, security token and message go on their own lines in the body of the email you can send a text from anywhere in the world.

How would you use it…

Well, the great thing about being able to send through email is that anybody can use it, without any additional training – but that’s not it’s main purpose…

In many work environments you may want to restrict your employees’ access to the Internet, running all their communications through their email client – SMS then fits in nicely.

If you have a Virtual Mobile Number then you can have all your inbound messages forwarded to your email address and manage all your communications in one place – although with the addition of Outlook Mobile Service (OMS) this can be done much more effectively.

Email to SMS is also perfectly suited to automated applications such as server failure notification, environmental alert systems and personnel alerts. In fact any application that already has email functionality can then be easily set up with SMS as well.


Don’t discount Email to SMS just yet – as SMS technologies are developing all around it it still remains a viable and popular solution to a great deal of familiar challenges.

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