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SMS messaging can be used in a myriad ways to expand marketing strategy, to enhance operational efficiency, to save money or a combination of all three.

We find that many customers begin using SMS technology for a single purpose but find more and more uses for it as time goes by. We are always looking out for ways of spotting new uses and sharing these and general best practice across our thousands of users.

We produce general SMS guides such as our SMS Buyers Guide, Business SMS Guide and Mobile Marketing Guide as well as sector-specific guides such as our Recruitment Guide and we plan to keep adding to these. All can be accessed using this link.

Within this section of our blog, you will find further tips and ideas for getting the best use of SMS in all aspects of your business or organisation. If you would like more information on a specific topic please leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you.

While you may be familiar with email autoresponders (especially if you’re in marketing) you may or may not know you can set up a similar function with SMS messaging. In concept, it works the same way. But there are some differences in how they are used which I’ll cover here.


Recruiters today don’t need to wait for people to find and apply for jobs on the internet. They can simply send a text message out to their database with a new opening and watch the applications stream in. They can save time too, by sending updates to prospects via text message letting them know when their applications are received or processed.


The following outlines what you should consider when choosing your SMS provider as stated by DevelopersHome.com - an independent online information resource for mobile technologies. We feel their criteria for How to Choose an SMS Provider is a great starting point for people looking to use SMS text messaging in their business - we have even offered the answers for FASTSMS to get you started.