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Bad Weather Alerts

Sitting here looking out of the window at a thoroughly miserable day reminds me that FASTSMS is useful for warning people of adverse weather.

We have literally hundreds of schools using the service for bad weather alerts, texting parents to say “Don’t send your kids in today, we’re snow bound” or “Come and fetch your offspring before we are snowed in”.

We’ve also got flood warning alert systems notifying vulnerable homes via text directly from electronic water level sensors; Search & Rescue teams summoned to help find people lost on moor and mountain and Police and Emergency Services coordinating their reaction to major incidents by text.

Services such as St John’s Ambulance coordinate their volunteers at events as diverse as Notting Hill Carnival and major sporting events. The list of uses in endless.

Did you know that some of the cheap SMS providers around can experience delays of up to 6 hours in the receipt of their texts? That a significant percentage don’t arrive at all? How does that stack up against someone lost on Exmoor or injured in a riot or simply stuck at school? All FASTSMS messages are sent via premium UK routes so always arrive within seconds. And when we talk of “cheap” SMS solutions you are probably only going to save 1p or less per text compared with our high quality system.

If you think you could benefit from this call us on 0800 954 5305 or email helpdesk@fastsms.co.uk for expert advice and a free trial if you need it.

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