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SMS Marketing for Self-Storage Facilities

SMS Marketing for Self Storage Facilities

The UK self-storage sector is booming. Although there is currently no official register of UK self-storage facilities, The Self Storage Association UK (SSA) estimates that there are approximately 1500 sites now operating in the UK, providing over 42 million sq ft of self-storage space and creating a total turnover of around £550 million. As well as direct revenue, such locations also benefit the local and national economy through the contribution they make as employers.

However with an estimated 50% of the marketplace controlled by larger, established operators with multiple locations, the pressure is on for smaller and independent facilities to find new and effective ways to attract new customers and retain existing clients – and SMS Marketing is the ideal solution. So how can self-storage facilities use SMS Marketing? Here are some easy to implement ideas.

1. SMS Marketing for Introductory offers

Common offers for self-storage facilities typically feature something such as a free introductory period or a number of weeks at half price. There are, however, many other ways to attract new customers. As well as simple financial incentives, consider offering a larger space at a discounted price or even a referral scheme for your existing customers to benefit from recommending your facility to friends. All of these approaches and others lend themselves perfectly to SMS Marketing. Why not test the market with a message such as:

“Get your first month for free when you hire a Mini, Midi or Maxi self-storage unit at Space4U in Leeds. Call now on 0330 556 666 to find out more or visit us on the Whitehall Industrial Estate. More information / T&C’s at Space4U.co.uk…”

If you wish to automate the system even further, consider using a Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) to allow the customer to reply directly to the message, allowing you to manage the relationship in real-time without the customer needing to change channels. This has been proven to result in higher conversion rates.

2. Integrating SMS with Multi-channel marketing

If you are running a larger scale, multi-channel marketing campaign that involves online marketing, traditional print media or radio/television advertising, then setting up a shortcode can allow customers to respond directly to Calls To Action (CTAs) by SMS.

For example, you might include something such as the following on your adverts:

“Get two months storage for the price of one now! Text STOREME to 87007 to reserve your unit today”

Using SMS Marketing in this manner allows customers to engage immediately via their mobile phone, and does not even require a data connection, meaning they can take up your offer wherever they happen to be and whatever they happen to be doing at the time.

3. SMS Messaging for Account management

SMS Marketing is a very useful tool for account management. From the initial reservation process and the mandatory identification checks that go along with it to monthly payment due notifications and payment receipt confirmations, SMS messaging can be used to ensure that customers are fully informed every step of the way.

Depending on the nature of your registration/booking process, it may prove useful to let your customer know which step they are on at any given time and let them know as the process progresses.

Once an account has been successfully set up, SMS can also be used to provide details such as PIN numbers, entry codes and other related information that will help the customer to get the most out of their space.

4. Upsells and Cross-sells by SMS

From larger spaces and ground level access to van hire or packaging supplies, there is great scope for upsells and cross-sells within the self-storage industry and they can help to significantly contribute to increased turnover. SMS Marketing is the ideal way to make customers aware of relevant offers, and because it is highly personalised, offers can be tailored to the individual based on their current usage patterns and personal requirements.

Consider sending a message such as the following shortly after registration:

“Hi Bob, make the most of your new storage unit with our range of discounted storage supplies including boxes, tape and packaging materials all available to buy here on site at Space4U.”

If the customer is a regular user who might benefit from increased space, why not try something like:

“Hi Bob, need more space? As a loyal customer, we can offer you an upgrade to one of our maxi units for a very special price of just £8.99/mth extra.”

5. Using SMS Marketing for Storage tips and advice

Alongside direct marketing, blogs and social media accounts can be a highly effective way for companies to build their organic SEO, as well as providing added value to both existing and potential customers. If you are creating valuable content such as blog posts on how to store certain types of goods or how to maximise the effectiveness of your storage space, for example, then use SMS Marketing to share these articles with your SMS marketing list. Not only will this provide useful and informative content that your customers can directly benefit from, it will also increase their likelihood of recommending your company to friends and contacts by keeping your brand at the forefront of their mind.

To grow your self-storage business now with SMS Marketing, give our team of experts a call on 0800 954 5303 and we’ll get you set up in minutes.

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