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Auto-Responder: What is it?

Auto-responder is a feature in NetMessenger that allows you to set up automated responses to either all incoming messages, or specific messages that contain a certain keyword.

There are numerous applications for this, from something as simple as an ‘out-of-office’ type response to all incoming messages to numerous campaigns set to respond to particular phrases.

A great example of this is some Estate Agents publish a code on their for sale sign-age or ads in the property pages. People can then text in this code (for example ‘house123’) to the agent’s Virtual Mobile Number or Shortcode. The prospect who sent in the code then gets an automated response containing details such as number of bedrooms, asking price etc.

It could also be as simple as a confirmation message, like many takeaways use “Thank you for your order, it will be with you in XX mins”.

We also have nightclubs and events specialists using it to issue free or discounted entry, guests text in and get the discount code as a response.

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