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Email broadcasting is a well established means of marketing a brand or service or product. It involves sending a single email (which may be customised for each recipient) to a list of email addresses. It can be done for free but unless correct methods for sending are used delivery rates can be low. The best bet is to only broadcast your emails to opted in recipients using an approved delivery service to avoid being tagged as spam.

The same applies to SMS broadcasting although to a lesser extent. Ensuring messages only go to opted in numbers, or at least numbers you have the right to send to (e.g. customers) will avoid the spam issue and a respected service like fastsms will ensure messages arrive when you want them to. Cheap, non-premium services, can fail to deliver or worse, deliver at unpredictable times – a text received at 3.00 am will endear you to your prospect.

SMS broadcasting is ideal for short messages, to be read instantly with a high open rate. Email broadcasting is more suited to longer messages where open rates are less important timing is not critical.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. B2B marketing really is business to one person. It’s just that one person is playing a role in the buying process, rather than making their own purchasing decisions. But you already know that if you’re in B2B sales or marketing. What you may not know, is how willing those various people are to use their own mobile for business.


The digital marketing age has really given us so many options when it comes to running campaigns. If you Google “digital marketing channels”, you’ll get article after article about which ones work the best. Of course, most of them won’t completely agree. Here we take another look at how email and SMS measure up against each other.


It’s been said that to be successful at something, you need to find someone that’s already done what you want to do, then emulate them. You don’t need to create or rewrite the rulebook every time. This is true of marketing too. While it’s a creative field, there are tried and true examples of what works. This is why case studies are so important to helping you understand how something like SMS marketing can work for you.


Are you looking to grow your business? Get more customers? Have larger profits? Of course you are. Isn't every business looking to improve, grow and generate more sales? More and more businesses are realising how SMS messaging can help them do all those things. But it's nice to have some facts to back up what most people seem to assume is true.