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Email broadcasting is a well established means of marketing a brand or service or product. It involves sending a single email (which may be customised for each recipient) to a list of email addresses. It can be done for free but unless correct methods for sending are used delivery rates can be low. The best bet is to only broadcast your emails to opted in recipients using an approved delivery service to avoid being tagged as spam.

The same applies to SMS broadcasting although to a lesser extent. Ensuring messages only go to opted in numbers, or at least numbers you have the right to send to (e.g. customers) will avoid the spam issue and a respected service like fastsms will ensure messages arrive when you want them to. Cheap, non-premium services, can fail to deliver or worse, deliver at unpredictable times – a text received at 3.00 am will endear you to your prospect.

SMS broadcasting is ideal for short messages, to be read instantly with a high open rate. Email broadcasting is more suited to longer messages where open rates are less important timing is not critical.

Whether it's a cinema, theatre or concert hall, your entertainment venue is missing a trick if it's not utilising SMS marketing to get those bums on seats. We take an in-depth look at how all kinds of entertainment venues can really make the most of SMS marketing.


Small screens increasingly equate to big business. 30 years ago, when mobile phones were still in their relative infancy and tended to be both expensive and as big as a rubber-bound brick, Vodafone predicted that the market would support around a million units. Fast forward to 2016 and mobile phones are a daily part of life for a majority of the global population.


Loyalty and rewards programs can help your business retain your best customers. But they only work if customers see your messages and can check their reward status. A new survey shows most people prefer companies use to SMS for loyalty programs. Find out why in this blog.


Is SMS marketing the worst idea ever? That’s the opinion of one author in Entrepreneur Magazine. He gives five reasons why companies should never bother sending SMS messages to customers. I take him on, point by point to show why he’s wrong and SMS marketing is the best idea ever.