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3 Reasons Your Customers Want You to Use SMS Messaging

customers want sms messaging

In my last blog I looked at five reasons you want to use SMS messaging in your business. In this blog we’re looking at the same topic, just from the consumer’s point of view. For example, how do you really know your customers want you to send them messages via SMS? Isn’t email or a phone call good enough? Is it worth your time to learn how to use SMS messaging in your business?

The resounding answer to that last question is YES! But, again, it’s nice to have some facts to back up such a statement. Read on to see the proof from various sources, all showing your customers want you to text them.

People want to get offers via SMS

In an article on Digital Marketing Magazine, I found a that 75% of people would like to receive offers via SMS. What’s more is that around 80% of them haven’t ever received SMS marketing offers or messages from their favourite brands. Eighty percent! That’s a huge market just waiting for someone to fill. So if you aren’t sending messages to your customer list, you need to start right away. Your customers are waiting for it, and at the moment they aren’t overwhelmed with so many messages that they’ll miss yours (like an email). In fact, they’ll jump to read it, and reply if they have the option, just like we all do when that notification noise goes off.

SMS messaging puts your business in a positive light

So people want your messages, but what do they generally think about companies that send messages? Is it positive or negative? Thanks to a report by Harris we know the answer to that question. They found that 77% of younger generations (18-34) will have a “positive perception” of a company that uses SMS messaging. That’s not too surprising given the age group. But on average, over all age groups, 64% see companies that use texting in a positive light. That’s a whole lotta people. It’s interesting to see that in the study, 41% of people say a company that uses text messaging “understands their time is important”. And 40% say “the company is progressive.” Using SMS messaging helps your customers feel you appreciate their needs and that you are on the forefront of the trend. How awesome – and simple – is that?

Customers prefer SMS messaging over other channels

Consumers today are pretty spoiled. They’re used to getting information quickly on the web and don’t want to waste time. The Direct Marketing Association says that 44% of consumers prefer getting product details and other marketing messages via text message. They don’t want phone calls, emails, or in store visits. A quick and simple text will do, thank you. The truth is a text message with a direct link to a product, or a message with a coupon code in it, is much easier than sifting through emails or answering the phone to talk with a salesperson. People put a high value on convenience and it doesn’t get more convenient than a text message.

The bottom line is consumers want to communicate with businesses via text message. There’s a famous saying that “the customer is always right.” Well, in this case they are right, but it’s also right for your business too. If you want to know why, read my last blog. If you still have questions or are unsure, click on our Live Chat icon and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions!

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